Our Manufacturing Process Our management group has many years of manufacturing experience, and we actually use the materials that we purchase to produce new products that provide value to all of us.          One of our main objectives is to reduce the burden on our environment that discarded plastic materials cause.  We do this by taking those materials and using them to create new products, at reasonable costs, instead of heading to landfills.          Not only is this a huge win for the environment, but it also helps businesses reduce their costs, which in turn allows them to hire more people and provide lower priced goods to consumers.   
What We Buy Through our National Purchasing Group we buy pre-sorted, recycled plastic from collectors and recyclers across the nation and Canada.      If you ask most people what happens to the plastic they put out to the curb in their bins they would probably say, “It gets recycled.”  Those same people might be shocked to learn that much of it gets sent to landfills.     Our solution to that problem is to purchase these materials that are normally a disposal burden, and process them so that they can be reused to manufacture new products.      As you can see in the sections to the right, we will use these processed materials in our manufacturing facilities, as well as sell them to other manufacturers.   
What We Sell In alignment with our mission, we provide end-to-end solutions, which includes selling Finished Goods that we manufacture.          To further support our mission, we sell processed plastics (regrind) to other manufacturers that need clean material at good price points.        Consumers benefit from better pricing at retail, and because we are reusing plastics that were already produced, we are reducing our use and reliance on petroleum.       The more we produce and sell, the cleaner our environment gets! To see more about the products we manufacture visit our What We Buy & Sell page.  
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We live in a time when so many people are at odds choosing between a “Clean Environment” and a “Vibrant Economy”.  Now, using high technology and excellent business sense, there is a way to have both.     The old approach to our used plastic dilemma (what to do with it) can be seen in the countless, overfull landfills all over the world.  Instead of using this plastic in the manufacturing process to fuel our economy, it just lay wasting.  Because plastic isn't biodegradable, it will occupy land that could be used for worthy purposes for a long, long time.       

Manufacturing Solutions for Our National Recycling Problem

       Empire Resource Recycling, Inc. (ERR) owned by Frank Murphy, has expanded its existing Rochester, NY facility to form a new company called Empire Polymer Solutions, LLC (Empire) to solve that problem.  Together, the Empire team has taken their combined expertise in Manufacturing, Recycling, and Business, to solve a problem that traditional solutions couldn't tackle alone.

Clean Environment “Plus” Vibrant Economy

Empire Polymer Solutions, LLC Delivers Both Using High Technology

Our Trinity Solution


Our Mission 

        Fuel Manufacturing with Plastics That Would Otherwise End Up in Landfills and Our Oceans.