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PVC Profile Extruder

This case involves a manufacturer that relies heavily on procuring recycled PVC resin. It has been difficult

for this company to find a consistent quantity and quality of recycled material. Two major problems have


• Off-spec recycled material has caused production problems or a product that does not meet QC.

• The lack of recycled resin from time to time requires this company to substitute virgin resin, at a much

higher cost.

The use of OceanCal® has proven to be a significant boost to the company’s procurement function as

well as to the bottom line.

Note: the following benefits to this company as a result of using OceanCal®

• 20% increase in line speed.

A timely supply of consistent-quality OceanCal® has reduced the required quantity of recycled resin that

may or may not meet quality spec. In the coming year we estimate that this company will:

• Reduce demand for recycled resin by about 30%, from nearly 12 million pounds to just over 8 million


• Achieve a total savings of approximately $350,000.

• The above savings are due to reduced cost of raw material, increased throughput, and reduced loss due

to off-spec recycled resin.

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