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Why OceanCal®

• Reduce the cost of raw materials and improve your bottom line.

• Reduce production time saving labor and energy costs.

• Can replace either recycled or virgin material.

• Consistent quality and availability, You Can Count on Us!

OceanCal® is a renewable mineral offering sustainability and performance benefits with cost advantages.

It offers a practical path to enhanced sustainability. The mineral’s unique crystalline characteristics allow

manufacturers to increase the percentage used by two to three times compared to traditional mined

mineral fillers and can reduce overall plastic resin needed by up to 60% depending on the application.

Offering improved production efficiency and decreased energy usage.

OceanCal® also improves physical and performance characteristics allowing for down gauging and

source reduction.

Why Empire Resource Partners

• We specialize in the Extrusion and Recycling Markets.

• We will show you all of the ways to use OceanCal® to reduce production costs.

• We will work with you to integrate OceanCal® into your operation.

Operating a top recycling firm for more than a decade, Empire Resource Partners has a distinguished

history of success delivering solutions to manufacturers throughout the United States.

Empire is uniquely qualified to bring ground breaking technologies to the manufacturing industry

because unlike many recyclers, Empire’s roots are in the manufacturing industry, with more than a

quarter century running highly successful manufacturing operations. Empire Knows Manufacturing!

We don’t just supply material, we provide solutions!