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Empire Polymer Solutions, LLC - Introduction and Capabilities

Empire Polymer Solutions, LLC (EPS) was established when Frank Murphy, the owner of Empire Resource Recycling, decided to expand his existing business to create a larger, more efficient, and sustainable business. In addition; EPS has acquired Polymer Recovery Systems, Inc. (PRSI),  and Herbold Meckesheim GmbH (Herbold), Wash Lines.  These acquisitions were made under favorable conditions and we continue to invest in equipment when advantageous in anticipation of establishing a more robust business.  EPS has a flexible customer-oriented approach to broker recyclable products, and to process and sell post-industrial and post-consumer plastics applying the most cost-effective material processing techniques. We will have a dedicated solution-oriented management team with a safe working environment for our employees.  Employee training is an integral part of our business to ensure employee job grow into a career with the EPS.  We are active participants in the communities that we work in and operate in an environmentally conscious manor.   EPS will strive to become more “Vertically Integrated” by developing strong relationships to acquire plastic feed stock directly from the generating sources and to manage the logistics without intermediaries to reduce the cost of raw materials. The core manufacturing business is dry decontamination, grinding, washing, compounding / pelletizing for our own account or as a toll processor.  We will be continuously developing new markets for custom compounded products and finished products such as flow molded composite lumber.  Custom compounded and finished products will allow us to be less susceptible to the fluctuations in the commodity markets and will allow for higher operating margins to insure a sustainable and profitable business. EPS is committed to a strong focus on new solutions to recycle plastics.  We want to become a recognized “Center of Excellence” for the processing difficult plastics (films and fibers).  We will work to find new ways to process unrecyclable material into usable commodities for customers or our own internal use.  These unrecyclable or difficult plastics would have a low or negative feed stock cost given they are being diverted from landfills or incineration and will provide higher margin product lines for the business. As a member of WRAP, we continue to gather up to date insights into leading technologies out of Europe.  Because of those relationships, and our participation in the European trade shows, we intend to discover the best technologies to bring back to the US in order to expand EPS’s capabilities.

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