Here’s What Empire Buys

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In order to support our mission, Empire created a National Purchasing Group, which is tasked with locating an acquiring existing plastics from collectors as well as recyclers from across our nation and into Canada.             Our goal is to acquire as much material as possible in order to utilize this resource that would otherwise go to waste and create severe environmental problems.           We purchase a wide variety of plastic materials, including Clean Regrind, but we also purchase materials that haven’t been processed, which may be delivered bailed or unbailed.  Here are two examples.      PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastic bottles that contain water and soda, as well as other common containers  are typically made from PET. HDPE (High-density Polyethylene Plastics) This material is heavier duty than PET and is typically used for laundry detergent and bleach, motor oil, milk jugs, etc..         This short list is just a small sample of the materials we purchase, so please Contact Us if you have any plastics that we may be interested in! Our main role is that of a manufacturer, but we do sell materials to other manufacturers as well.  Providing clean, processed plastic materials to manufacturers, helps them produce their finished goods economically, which is better for the consumer, and ensures that these materials get used in a productive way, which is better for the environment.         Cleaning the environment, while contributing to the economy is the driving force behind our manufacturing operation. Today plastics are well suited substitutes for products no one would have considered just a short time ago.  Besides the automobile and aviation industry using plastic more and more every year, Flow Molded Lumber have made it possible to produce products like park benches, picnic benches, fencing products, shipping pallets, and much more.         For more information, please Contact Us.

Here’s What Empire Sells